Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

So I know it's a little late, but Sophie wanted to say, "Happy Valentine's Day!" :) Love you all!

Recent Happenings

So here are just some random pictures from our recent excersions and such. Sophie is now 8 months old, as of yesterday, and has her two bottom teeth. She really is such a mellow kid. She just kinda goes with the flow. She doesn't really cry, and when she gets overtired or upset, she goes stiff as a board and crosses her little legs straight out in front of her--it's so funny. And it's always left foot on top, we've tried to put her right foot on top and she always uncrosses and then recrosses them, the "right way".

Here are some things I love about my little Sophie:

1. Her squishy, soft face
2. Her blue, blue eyes
3. They way she smiles, even if you just look at her
4. Her sweet little spirit
5. They way she watches new people until she deems them ok
6. That she touches my face sometimes and just watches me talk or make silly faces
7. I love that she usually doesn't cry very much, I hate when babies cry--I know, I know, our next baby will be a cryer. :)
8. That she crosses her feet when she's overtired or upset
9. That she sits and plays by herself for long periods of time
10. That she's so mellow--it's like she says, "It's cool if I don't crawl, I'll just roll there, no big deal!"
11. She's cautious about situations until she knows it's ok--like the way she watches people
12. That she LOVES the kitty and talks to him, sometimes he comes over while I'm out of the room and will lick her--GROSS! I know, but she loves it. She gets so excited and will kinda pet/grab him. He's a really good kitty and doesn't scratch her or anything.
13. That she rolls under the coffee table and plays with your feet.
14. That her tongue is always sticking out, especially when she's concentrating or happy. :)

There's so much more that I love about her. It's wonderful to be her mother and have a set rythym in our day now. She makes everything new and exciting for me. I get so excited because she's excited. I've been amazed at how children come with personalities all ready to go. It reaffirms my testimony in the Plan of Salvation and that we did live in the preexistence before we came here. I am so thankful to have her as a part of my life forever.

The crossed feet, she must be tired.

Touching the sea creatures with daddy.

Cute face!

She loves her unicorn that Gramla got for her. And I love her little barette. So cute!

Our little beauty on her 8 month birthday. Gorgeous darling! I love her little sunglasses!

At the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. I LOVE this place. MayrLu and Clay got us a membership for my birthday, and I love taking Sophie there. She loved the fish.

Sophie with daddy looking at the fish. I made her hat, I was soo proud! I love my new calling as an Activity Day Assistant. We learned how to loom hats. Awesome!

She's blinking here, but she loves to roll under the coffetable. Half the time I don't even know how she gets under there, but she especially loves it if someone if sitting there because she'll roll under the table and then start playing with their feet.

Momma and Sophie on her 8 month birthday. Yay for Sophie!

Coming soon--our trip to the Great Wolf Lodge! It's an awesome indoor water park, because it's always raining in WA, and Sophie's first time playing in water besides her bathtub. The pictures are on my in-laws computer, so it might be a little bit.

P.S. Josh has been applying for work everywhere, but still no responses. There is one place that he's had 3 interviews with! But they still haven't let him know if he's got the job or not. They're driving me crazy! If you hear of any work near Tacoma, WA, let us know! Thanks! :)