Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Little Noah is One

My little (well sorta big) 8 lbs. 6 oz. boy has turned into this:

Oh my, where has the time gone. My little Noah is one tomorrow, well today since it's past midnight now. He is truly a gift and I thank my Heavenly Father daily for him. He was sweet from the minute he was born and is my big hunk of burning love. :) He is different from his sister, but they both have the same sweet disposition that makes my heart melt. They are so good and pure and always want to help me and be by me all the time. I cherish it, although sometimes I need my space. You all know how it is.

But seriously, my little man is a big one year old. With Sophie I felt like she was one. It definitely felt like it had been a year, not necessarily because she was a bad kid or anything, she just didn't sleep and we were living with Josh's parents, and I had to do my internship, and on and on with everything that happened in her first year of life. Things with Noah have been so different, circumstantial wise at least. We've had our own place, I've gotten to stay at home the whole time with him, and I have 2 children to care for instead of one. Sometimes I feel bad because Noah kind of gets forgotten. He's definitely behind on certain things, at least when compared with Soph at this age, and I don't know if it's his personality, because he's a boy, or because just don't work with him on things like we did Soph. I feel badly about this at times, probably because I know I could fit in times to work with him on talking, reading, walking, etc. But a lot of times I choose to fill it with the computer (he's sleeping now so it doesn't count), or a tv show, or whatever. I need to change that and I'm going to.

He is truly a joy though and I know he's going to be just fine. He is so smart and he loves to figure our how things work and why they do what they do. He's such a boy in that sense and I love it. Sophie was more into talking and people and food, although Noah has yet to eat something he doesn't like :), and really didn't like to play with toys all that much. It's been fun to watch Noah interact with things. He doesn't really talk yet, although lately he's been trying to imitate intonations and will say "Yea" if you ask him a question. I've been trying to teach him sign language but he is so stubborn! Especially when it comes to asking nicely for food. haha Little stinker.

He has blue eyes like my grandfather and a soft face like Sophie. He is strong and barrel chested and will make a great football player, or wrestler as Josh always likes to add. :) Just as long as Sophie doesn't wrestle, the boys can do what they want. He has his daddy's happy-go-lucky attitude and is pretty easy going (again, except when he wants your food). He puts his head down when he crawls like he has somewhere to go and he's gonna put his whole body into getting there. He loves to be tickled and laugh and he likes to fall--little risk taker. He LOVES his sister and she can always cheer him up if he is sad. They are so sweet together and Sophie really is the best big sister. She is very protective of her little brother. She always wants to make sure and remind us to not leave Noah behind, "Mommy, get Noah!" I'll always remember that when he was a newborn we went to get pictures done with Josh's cousin's little boy and Sophie freaked out when we were trying to get picture of just Noah, "Mommy hold Noah!" She was crying and wouldn't stop trying to hold him when we let go of him. It was frustrating but sweet. :)

Anyways, he is a wonderful boy that I'm so grateful to have as a part of my life forever. I'm excited to watch him open presents and to have the whole day be a celebration of just him. He gets pushed to the side too much and I'm excited to enjoy him. I can't wait to hear the things he has to say, I can always see the wheels turning in his little mind. He already has a great sense of humor, but really, how could my children not. ;) haha See how funny I am.

I remember when I first found out I was having a boy I was shocked. I have 4 sisters so boys are unknown to me. I did, however, know exactly what we were going to name him. I've always loved the name Noah because in a a religion class at BYU a professor taught us how righteous Noah must have been to walk and talk with God and to be one of a handful of people saved when he destroyed the earth. I remember thinking that I wanted to name a son Noah so that he would be righteous like that. And Joshua because I wanted him to be like his daddy, who I think is pretty awesome too. I was a little nervous about how a boy would be but now, I can't imagine having it any other way. I'm so grateful for my children, they are everything to me, along with their daddy. They are the best things to ever happen to me and I'm so glad I can call them mine forever. Happy Birthday my little Noah! I'm excited to celebrate you tomorrow! We all love you soo much. :)