Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sophie's First Encounter with Santa

So here's our family at the ward Christmas Party on the 19th, which was actually Sophie's 6 month b-day (she's getting soo big)! Josh looks a little drugged up, but that's ok because me and Sophie look cute, which is really all that counts. :)

So this is actually the second picture we took with Santa, because Sophie woke up for it. She wasn't scared of him or anything, she was just kind of indifferent. But still, fun memories none-the-less!

Here's the first one, where she was sleeping. So cute! (and I loved the elf, oh Taylor!)

Daddy and his girl! Apparently Josh's face tasted good--weird! haha

So funny!

The End!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I gradiated--It's Official!

So I got my diploma from BYU in the mail today. It was kind of anticlimatic because I've been now for awhile, but we still managed to make an event of it! So following are pictures of me "receiving my diploma." I worked really hard for this, by the way. It took a lot of patience, hard work, sleepless hours, and tons of determination to finish. My internship was really hard for me to do since I had to leave Sophie at home--but I finally finished! I officially graduated with a degree in the Recreation Management and Youth Leadership major with and emphasis in Therapeutic Recreation. Now all I have to do is pass my national certification test--it's always something. But now I must go because everyone's waiting for me to go get Papa Murphy's Pizza to celebrate! And thanks to all those who made this moment in my life possible. You all know who you are and I love you to death! I'm an alumni!! Woot woot!

Sophie with mommy and the diploma.

Dang it feels good to be a gangsta. :) G-Unit!

Woo hoo!

I wonder what could be inside. (And please disregard my muffin top, I'm still working on it!)

I felt like I was getting a mission call or something. Awesome!
So I guess after all that, this is all I get, a little piece of paper. But really I know I got so much more from the experience. I'M DONE! YAY!!! :)

Zoo Lights

Every year we're in Washington for Christmas we go to the local Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium and go to the Zoo Lights. They decorate the entire zoo with Christmas lights and it's awesome! This year was no different and Sophie loved it! She loves lights anyway, so the fact that there were tons of them everywhere meant that she was in heaven!!! And our camera did a pretty good job of capturing the lights without making them too fuzzy or anything-awesome!

Speaking of Christmas, this Christmas was great for us. Because Josh has all brother we have to plan having Christmas in between missions with his family. His brother Adam will be serving a mission next Christmas, so we were in Washington this year for the Holidays. It was kind of nice not to travel, but we sure did miss my family! I'll be posting another set of pictures of Christmas Eve and Christmas morning later. Enjoy!


We're the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Josh's family under the rainbow.

So this isn't the Zoo Lights, but one day she was laying and playing on the floor and rolled herself up in the blankets and then fell asleep, how sweet!

Our family!

Us again, I love this one! (Of course we forgot the stroller, but Sophie's carrier worked out better anyway.)


Watching the Meercats. What a sweetie! You can see how tired she was.

Mirror images!

More lights! They really were beautiful.

Josh and his brothers in their natural habitats. :)

Daddy and Sophie.

Our cute little family.

Beautiful lights!

Mommy and Sophie, I love her bear hat and mittens!