Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

So I just to had to give a shout out to my hubby, his dad, and my dad and thank them for being great fathers, even if it is almost a week late. There are so many people that don't get good dads, and I'm lucky enough to have at least 3 of them in my life.

My husband is the best dad. He loves his kids so much and helps me with them whenever he can. He definitely is not just a baby daddy, but really is involved with and loves his kids. I hear these women complain about how their husbands don't even know how to give their children baths and I think to myself how lucky I am. He is the father I always wanted for my children.

I'm glad we're an eternal family.

My father-in-law is also a great dad. He helped to raise 5 great boys, 4 of whom have served missions or are serving missions and 2 of whom have gotten married in the temple to wonderful, amazing, beautiful women :) (right Kimberly?). He is a man of God and won't compromise on his covenants and personal standards. He has like 5 church callings, no kidding, and is a faithful servant of the lord. I am grateful he raised me a good man. And he tells some awesome lawyer jokes. :)

My dad is a wonderful man as well. To be honest, growing up I didn't really understand or appreciate him very much. He is pretty private and went through hard times with his first marriage, which I think made him more guarded, even with his own family. But he loves his girls, yes all 6 of them, fiercely. And I know that he has a testimony of the Gospel. He lives it daily. I am thankful that he hung on through those hard years and that he taught us girls simple truths that will stand the test of time. He is a great man and I love him. Plus, he has the oddest sense of humor, which I think is hilarious. What a stud! Look at that smile!

(BTW--That's my dad's mom and grandma in this picture, which makes my great grandma and my children's great great grandma! Shabam! I skyped with her the other day, not sure if she knew what was going on, and she told me, "I'm 96 years old." She's so cute. We share the same b-day. July 31st. It's also Harry Potter's b-day. Pretty awesome.)

So Happy Father's Day to all the men and daddy's in my life. I am so blessed.

Happy Father


Sophie pointing at her poo. Alright!

And Sophie turned 2, which is unbelievable and totally believable at the same time. It definitely seems like it's been 2 years, and to be honest it feels like she's been 2 for awhile (she's so advanced you know, must of gotten my genes :) ), but then when I think about the fact that I have a 2 year old, I think, "No way! I'm still a kid myself!" (which is mostly true). Sometimes I hate to tell people my age because they freak out, "You're sooo young!" I don't judge you for being old, so stop judging me for being young and choosing to have a family. Yes I chose to get married and then have children, not the other way around. P.S. Your mom.

But Sophie really is such a good girl. She is one of the most loving kids and is so concerned about the welfare of others, especially her brother. We tried to get pictures of them and everytime I set Noah down to get his picture she would freak out! "Momma pick up Noah! Momma hug Noah! Momma get Noah!" said with snot and tears running down her face while screaming. She never freaks out like that and tantrums are rare if nonexistent, so this was something new for me. Sweet, but kinda of frustrating when trying to get cute pictures done. :)

Noah is still the same sweet, precious baby. He sleeps through the night (thank the Lord, literally) and giggles and coos like no other. He even smells like a baby, Sophie never had that smell, and I just can't get enough of him. I truly love being a mother. I feel like this is what I was born to do. It's really hard to find the balance of me time and time with kids and the hubby and church and everything else we have going on in our lives. But to me this is 10,000 times better than a real job. I'm thankful to Josh for sacrificing for us, although I know that my job is hard too. I truly see why the women are meant to stay at home, we're cut out for it and I have no shame in saying that. I'm ok with the fact that men and women are innately different. We're supposed to be because we balance each other out. I have strengths that Josh doesn't and vice versa. Can you imagine if we were both the same one way or the other?

Anyway, sorry my posts are always so long, I don't do them very often so when I do they're ginormous! Like a spewing of all my thoughts over the last few weeks.

To end, here are some shots I took with my awesome Christmas present, I think I'm getting better. My dream is to be a professional photographer someday (along with opening up a clothing store for nursing mothers and toddlers, I hate not being able to wear dresses while nursing!). I love taking pictures. Capturing that moment. It's art.