Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our Exciting News!

So we recently found out, as of this week, that we are expecting our first child!! It was very unexpected news, but exciting and wonderful nonetheless. I still can't quite believe it, but I have been feeling a little nausea and I have to eat all of the time, I guess that's better than throwing up! I have my first official appointment with the doctor on Nov. 20th, so hopefully everything goes good until then. We are praying everyday that everything can go ok and that my body will be able to support this growing child.

Josh has been very sweet and is really excited. The only kind of bad news is that I am going to have to do my intership, which will be the only thing I have left to officially graduate, in the Fall with a baby. We are planning on moving up to Washington by Josh's family so that they can help us. We are so grateful to all of our friends and families support in this new journey. We are going to try to keep everyone updated on here as to how things are going.

As far as we have calculated, I can only be a few weeks to about a month along, so please pray that everything keeps going well, and that I don't get too sick! But here are some pictures of when we first found out that we were pregnant. I took four pregnancy tests because I didn't believe that the first 3 were right...I know, I know, duh! But this was big news, and I wanted to be sure. Besides the first few were weird and didn't look like the manuals said they should. Anyway, here are the pictures, enjoy!!


Yep, there's the first two. The second two came the next day.

Yeah!! It's starting to sink in!

Starting to get excited...

Not quite sure what to think...

Yep, that would be a positive!

And even more pictures!

Our friends, Laura and Ben

Josh with his Samari sword that he won at our retreat...yep, he is almost 25...=0)

My boss, Angela

The whole work crew, awesome!

And again...

Us, behind a waterfall...sweet!

So cute, although he looks a little frightened...wait a minute!

Us in the bumper/spray-each-as-much-as-you-can boats. They were awesome!

Josh getting wet

I love his face, and my grill!

Sooo hott!!

We are awesome Raquel!!

Can you say white trash? haha

She means business, do not interrupt her while she's making a haunted house, she will kill you...

Us making our houses!

Here are some more pictures!

Our cute Haunted House for Halloween, see the face?

Pretty view of Vegas

Cool mushroom things in the Bellagio

Beautiful paintings on the ceilings of the Venetian

At the Gondolas at the Venetian, we were trying to get a couple kissing, but it was hard!

Pictures! Finally!

So here are some random pictures from a dinner we went to for married students at BYU, of which we were the poster children for ;), our work retreat, an FHE we had with some friends of ours making haunted houses (like Gingerbread houses for Christmas), and the "Amazing Race-Las Vegas" that we did for Amber's 30th birthday. We had tons of fun and I'm excited to finally put some pictures up! Yeah!!
At Circus Circus...

We met a few celebrities while we were there.

MGM Grand Lions.

The Luxor

Us in front of the famous Las Vegas sign

Cutie husband at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris ;)

We thought this sign was hilarious!

Of course my dad would do this...


Cheese! Gosh I look like my mom, weird....;)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our First Entry

Hello all and welcome to our blog! I never thought I would have one of these, but it's something that allows me to look crafty and cutsie without actually being so. ;) Awesome! As most of you know, we are currently going to school at Brigham Young University and are both planning on graduating this April. I will graduate in Therapeutic Recreation and Josh will graduate in Commercial Recreation. I will then do my Senior internship while Josh applies to MBA programs, which he will hopefully get into. We have been married for a little over two years and love life together. It's so fun to have your best friend as your spouse and to have someone whose always on your team, who supports you, and who you know loves you no matter how many times you fall asleep on the couch. ;) We hope to start a family somewhere in the near future and look forward to being parents, although I realize that's easy to say now that we don't actually have any children...haha. But we hope you enjoy our blog! Welcome to The Dickinson Daily!