Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Camping in the High Sierra's

So I know it's been ffooorreevvveerrrr since I posted, like over a year, but I'm not going to dwell on that or make myself feel badly, I'm just going to start with one activity we did that I don't want to forget and then try to post more as I can.

So in July/August we drove to California from Texas to go camping with my parents in the High Sierra's. My family has gone camping here every year since before I was born and it had been years since I'd gotten to go, so with Josh's month long break in August we decided to be adults and plan our own family vacation, look how mature we are. :)

It was literally the longest drive of my life. There were a few times I didn't think we'd make it out of the state of Texas. And literally like 20 minutes after we started out driving both of the kids informed us that they had to pee. Oh man, that's when I knew this was going to be a long trip. :)

But we made it and the kids were awesome! We seriously have the best, most easy going, most patient children. We all had our moments, but none so badly that I couldn't handle it. Sophie even threw up and managed to get it in the bag I stole from the hospital while I was there, a story for another time.

We finally got to my parents campsite just as it was getting dark and the kids, and us, couldn't have been happier! It was just like I remembered and smelled heavenly. It was soo good to be with my parents and to be in a place that I grew up looking forward to going every summer. We did some hiking, ate Pie in the Sky (this woman gets up at like 4am every morning and makes fresh pies that are to die for, literally. We have to get some every time we go and eat it by Rock Creek Lake), went fishing (which I love, it's genetic), saw a bear that Sophie was certain was going to eat us, Noah fell flat on his face like a million times (poor kid), and enjoyed the beautiful cool air after being in Texas for our first summer (people didn't lie, it is so, so hot and humid). It was exactly what we needed.

Here is my picture dump:

Thanks mom and dad!

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lucysmom said...

Woohoo!!! Thank you for the post and the photos of your beautiful family. When Amy and Jess were growing up we went camping on the Oregon coast every summer and it provided some of our best memories. Love you guys!